Op Tech Utility Strap Sling Review

When I got my D50 it came with the standard Nikon strap. This quickly got on my nerves, I either had the camera bouncing about on my chest but easy to use, or comfortably at my side but a pain to use. Naturally I began to look into sling straps.

After looking at the Black Rapid and Sun sniper I wasn’t overly keen on the tripod mount as it meant I couldn’t leave my quick release plate in place. After a few questions I went for the Op/Tech Utility sling and ordered from WEX Photograpic for about £35 delivered, which is also cheaper than both the other 2 alternatives. Update: This strap is currently £19.99 on WEX, this is almost half what I paid and is worth remembering when you read the rest of the review.

Op/Tech Utility Sling

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