TKVoice is no more 😢 January 25, 2017
I killed my App!

2016 Lego Star Wars Advent December 31, 2016
Day by Day of the 2016 Lego Star Wars advent calendar.

Carrie Fisher (1956 - 2016) December 27, 2016
We lost our princess

Review: Printrbot Play December 1, 2016
3D print all the things!

GIMP Star Trails August 18, 2016
An update on my opensource GIMP plugin.

Celebration Europe London 2016 August 11, 2016
I went to London to hang out with Star Wars nerds.

First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment - Centurion June 11, 2016
I'm now a member of the Centurion corps on FISD

London Comic Con May 28, 2016
First troop at London Comicon

TK-10911 April 28, 2016
Bucket list dreams can come true.

Made in the UK April 4, 2016
Why are we not proud of our country.

First Grind March 6, 2016
Or how to ruin a pen in easy steps.

TKVoice is out! February 19, 2016
I made an App!

Pen Hacking February 14, 2016
Adding glitter to a cheap pen.

The decline of Stack Overflow February 11, 2016
I'm OG SO.

Developing for the fruit company January 26, 2016
I registered as an Apple developer.

David Bowie (1947 - 2016) January 11, 2016
Ziggy played guitar

I still have an "ancient" MacBook Pro January 5, 2016
I use a non-Retina MacBook Pro like an animal.

Joining the Plus club January 4, 2016
I bought a clown sized phone, and I love it.

A Long Time Ago... November 25, 2015
So you want to become a Stormtrooper?

The one about watches October 15, 2015
I want an Apple watch, or do I?

Sorry Casey, I bottled it... September 18, 2015
The start of the journey.