Suitcase Props

So, I’ve been selling a few 3D printed prop parts on Shapeways since Rogue One was released in 2016. The store was named Suitcase Props, a play on my long time screen name.

What I never did though, was any branding at all. Being named after luggage didn’t give me any instant ideas and so I left it. I did think about recruiting a proper designer or maybe asking a friend to help but I just didn’t have any ideas for a long time.

Recently however, I had a bit of inspiration and spent some time in Inkscape iterating on the design.

Suitcase Props logo

The end result is a simplified suitcase, I’d found more realistic ones never worked in the past. The wordmark was the result of some time hunting on dafont for a futuristic font. I took this and then joined the S and P to give a more stylised look.

Suitcase Props logo - icon style

For times when the full logo is a bit much or I want something small I also created an icon styled logo isolating just the wordmark.