Sunday Night At Manor Farm

As this has been the first nice evening in weeks I took the opportunity to walk round to the Surrey Wildlife Trust reserve manor farm.

There have been reports of some great wildlife in the evenings here so I wanted to see it for my self, and tonight I got to!

A roe deer in the long grass at Surrey Wildlife Trust Manor Farm reserve

On my initial approach to the hide a deer bolted from the long grass off to the side.  She made her way into the pasture and stayed there for around an hour.  She initially seemed a bit nervous of me, but calmed over time and soon began feeding on the grass.

Whilst watching the deer I was lucky enough to see a barn owl fly past twice, once pretty close up.  I could see the owl was carrying a pray item, not quite sure what it is even on the image at full magnification.

A barn owl flying over Surrey Wildlife Trust Manor Farm reserve

This marked the fourth attempt to see anything at this site so I am happy the visits are starting to pay off.